Mastic Pads:

  • Uses
  • External wall cladding: Filling structural expansion & structural separation joints in block & in-situ concrete construction.
  • Traffic surfaces: Filling expansion joints in motorways, roads, runways, pedestrian areas, bridges, curbs etc.
  • Internal surfaces: Filling expansion joints across concrete floors, including screed floors with underfloor heating.
  • Roofs & floor finishes: Ideal for filling expansion joints in concrete floors.
  • Building superstructures: Filling expansion joints in basements, retaining walls, site slabs, subways & other water excluding structures.
  • Reinforced concrete structures: Expansion joint fillers in piers and lateral supports like abutments.
  • Mastic Pads

    Mastic Pads Advantages

    • Closed cell structure resulting negligible water/moisture absorption
    • Excellent recovery after compression
    • High resistance to chemical like most acids, alkalies oil and hydrocarbon
    • Bitumen free hence non staining and free from bleeding
    • Easy to cut, hand and install
    • Rot proof hence does not age and disintegrate over prolonged use
    • Use of ShaliBar/Backer rod is optional
    Mastic Pad Suppliers

    Mastic Pad Description

    We are leading Manufacturers of, Deesa Jolly Bitumen Board which is processed from cane fiber. We provide high quality mastic pad which is best in industry. Impregnated with Bitumen in various percentages, it is a perfect base material for expansion joint fillers. The board’s compression and recovery characteristics confirm to the U.K., U.S.A. and Indian Standards much above the required averages.

    Deesa Jolly Board Expansion Joint Filler :

    Deesa Jolly Board Expansion Joint Filler is manufactured from water-resistant, bitumen impregnated, cane fiber. It is available in sizes of 4ft X 2ft in thicknesses of 10 MM, 12 MM, 18 MM, 20 MM, 25 MM.

    Deesa Jolly Expansion Joint Filler displays excellent resistance to compression, with outstanding recovery characteristics. The fillers are environment- friendly as opposed to the environment destroying thermo Cole /plastic expansion joint filler.

    Mastic Pads Manufacturers

    It is a pre-molded, high performance joint filler board. It is a closed cell and of cross Linked structure. It has an excellent recovery of 95% (after compression upto 50%), which makes it the most suitable product for this application. It is an exclusive product specially designed to be used as expansion joint filler in concrete, brick, block work and isolation joints.

    Mastic Pad Application

    • Expansion joint filler strips in all concrete traffic surfaces like highways, airport, runways and streets.
    • Expansion joint fillers in driveways, aprons, pavements, curbs, gutters and other concrete paving work.
    • Expansion joint fillers in reinforced concrete structures like piers, retaining walls, and lateral supports like abutments
    • Expansion joint fillers are used against existing or between adjacent constructions and insets in concrete paving like drains, manholes, etc.
    • Various other internal finishes, flat works and concrete floors according to the state of art and local regulations

    Physical Properties

  • Deesa Jolly Board Expansion Joint Fillers conform to the following required standards
  • ASTM -D. 1751-83/D.545 – 84 Testing
  • Concrete paving and structural construction’
  • Pre-formed expansion Joint Fillers for concrete’
  • Department of Transport – London 1986: `specification to highway works, part 3, clause 1015′ B.S. 1142 for Standard Specifications for Expansion Joint Fillers.
  • Board Expansion Joint Fillers conform to the following required standards
  • IS 1838(Part-I) 1983 Standard Test of Expansion Joint Fillers.
  • Strong points and performance characteristics: Compression to 50% thickness in the initial state: - Recovery is 80/84% Weathering and compression to 50% thickness: – Recovery is 70/76%. Deesa Jolly Board returns to more than 70% of its original thickness after three applications of pressure sufficient to reduce its thickness by 50%. Extrusion: No effect (0.75 mm) Unaffected by temperature changes Low moisture absorption due to bitumen impregnation. Standard Bitumen content 10-20-35%. Other possibilities upon request. Suggested application details for typical joints.
  • Extrusion

  • Deesa Jolly Board when compressed to 50% of its thickness with 3 edges restrained, it shows an extrusion of not more than 1 to 2mm on its free edge.
  • (Permitted: less than or equal to 6.4mm)
  • Compression

    Deesa Jolly Board when initially subjected to a load between 689 to 5171 kPa (and 100 to 750 PSi) in order to compress it by 50% of its original thickness, it shows a loss of not more than 0.1 to 0.2 % by weight.

    (Permitted: less than or equal to 3% by weight).

    Durability & Handling

    Deesa Jolly Board is tough and maintains its thickness and surface finish under loading and stacking. Due to Bitumen Impregnation it resists absorption of water. This material withstands severe environmental conditions for very long periods of time,

    Deesa Jolly Board is brought flush with the concrete slab and extends full depth of the slab, placed approximately ¾ of an inch below the surface of the concrete slab. A suitable sealant is applied either at the top or bottom of the slab to close the joint against hydrostatic pressure. The dowel bar is used to preserve alignment of adjacent sections of concrete slab. Deesa Jolly Board is fabricated to receive dowel bars and the entire joint assembly is placed in position before pouring concrete

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