Horse Stable Rubber Mats

Horse Stable Rubber Mats

Manufacturers & Suppliers of Horse Stable Mats

Deesawala manufactures and supplies horse stable mats in Hyderabad and India. We have crafted our rubber stable mats from a dense blend of EVA foam and rubber, which is available in standard sizes of 6 ft by 4 ft with thickness options up to 25mm. The horse stable rubber mats are design specifically to safeguard horses and cows from injuries. Our products ensure continuous comfort and prevent slips.

Horse stable mats are robust. They are lighter compared to traditional rubber mats. One can easily handle, fit and remove them. Rubber stable mats bring cost savings on bedding. They also help reduce the overall cleaning time. Equipped with advanced hygiene and safety features, our rubber stable mats promote productivity and efficiency.

Features of EVA Horse Stable Mats:

  • Easy to carry and transport due to their lightweight nature.
  • Made from a combination of closed-cell EVA rubber.
  • Surface is textured to prevent slipping and enhance safety.
  • Offered in a range of thicknesses to suit different needs.
  • Provide cushioning that reduces fatigue and offers therapeutic support.

Benefits of Horse Stable Mats:

  • Convenient to transport, install, and adjust.
  • Affordable bedding option.
  • Decreases stall maintenance time.
  • Consistently supports legs and hooves.
  • Provides effective insulation and prevents slipping.
  • Easy to clean with minimal upkeep.

From a practical standpoint, investing in Deesawala horse stable mats is a cost-efficient choice. This is because it reduces the need for bedding. Moreover, it minimizes cleaning efforts as well. Our premium-quality mats contribute to significant time and cost savings, thereby giving our esteemed customers great value over a period of time.

Whether you run a small-scale stable or a large equestrian facility, our horse stable mats serve as consistent support for the hooves and legs of your lovable animals. They serve as excellent and reliable insulation against cold floors. They also help you maintain a comfortable environment throughout the year.

Eva Horse Stable Rubber Mats
Horse Stable Rubber Mats
Horse Stable Mats

Frequently Asked Questions

Rubber mats are highly recommended for horse stalls due to the increased comfort, safety, and hygiene they provide for the horse. They also offer practical benefits for stall maintenance.
Rubber matting is a good choice for horse stalls due to the increased comfort, safety, and hygiene it provides for the horse, along with the benefits for stall maintenance.
One of the best things about rubber flooring is that it is extremely slip-resistant and water-resistant.

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