PVC Rungs Manufacturers & Suppliers:

PVC Encapsulated Footsteps Rungs- CAPITAL PVC Foot Steps is uniquely designed for underground water tanks, sewage manholes, & overhead water tanks. This material is used instead of conventional Mild Steel /Cast Iron steps.

As PVC Rungs Manufacturers, we offer superior resistance to all type of corrosive environmental characteristics of sanitary sewers. PVC Encapsulated Rungs also provides very tight grip for the safety of work men.

Specification & Material used

  • PVC Encapsulated Rungs material is manufactured as per IS standards
  • PVC Rungs consists of an MS rod of Size: 8mm, 10mm & 12mm
  • PVC Encapsulated Rungs ensure the material is manufactured of Virgin PVC Material
  • PVC Rungs Standard size of 263 x 164 with desired thickness of rod required by customer
  • Available colour orange/black

These PVC Foot Steps are very widely used by the Civil Contractors in underground / overhead water tanks, sewerage manhole, multistoried buildings and so many other water filling places.

PVC FOOT STEPS - Technical Specs & Sizes

S No Length Breath Thickness Steel Reinforcement Steel STD PP Material
1 263 164 25*23 8 mm TMT As per IS 1786 Colour black
2 263 164 25*23 10mm TMT As per IS 1786 Colour black
3 263 164 25*23 12 mm TMT As per IS 1786 Colour black
4 263 164 25*23 10 mm TMT As per IS 1786 Colour orange
5 263 164 25*23 12 mm TMT As per IS 1786 Colour orange
6 375 165 25*25 10 mm TMT As per IS 1786 Colour black

PVC Rungs Manufacturers

Founded in the year 1995, our company Deesawala Rubber Industries” ;is engaged in offering its customers an extensive array of rubber related products. Headquartered ourselves in Hyderabad, Telangana (India), we are engaged in the Manufacturing of Rubber Speed Breakers, PVC Rungs ( also called water tank steps or sump steps ) CI Rungs, Rubber Mats, Rubber Rings, Rubber Gaskets and much more. We have created a paramount position for ourselves in the industry by serving through a large customer base across the nation. Composed of excellent quality rubber procured from certified vendors of the market, our products are made in compliance with set norms of the industry.

PVC Rungs Installation

  • Necessary materials
  • 1. Drill
  • 2. Drill bit for concrete or corrugated steel of 25 mm diameter.
  • 3. Nylon hammer.
  • 4. Graduated rule of bubble level.
  • 5. Marker pen and meter.
  • 6. Any manhole step along our Eco Pate or Pate Sugar range
  • Step 1

    With the help of the bubble level rule, we mark the ends where the step will be inserted, taking as reference the centre of each side of the rod. Depending on the model the distance will be 300 mm, 320 mm, 330 mm, 340 mm and 380 mm, from centre to centre.

    Step 2

    Repeat the process with each manhole step, leaving a recommended distance of 250 mm in between the step irons.

    Step 3

    Once the marks have been made, we drill with a concrete or corrugated steel drill bit of 25 mm diameter to a depth of 850 mm, leaving a perfect hole for the insertable part of our manhole steps.

    If these holes have not been made accurately (for example, too large) the step will not be well fixed. In this case, the hole drilled or formed, must be filled with mortar / putty or chemical plug.

    Step 4

    We hit the rung with several firm strokes at the sweetspots. Once fixed, we will strike at the same sweetspots until the total insertion depth, so that only the rectangular or round part of the step is visible.

    The ends of the anchor are round and slightly conical. They act like harpoons once placed, which ensures that the step is totally immobile.

    Step 5

    You have your manhole step ladder ready to be used.If the installation was correct, the rungs will withstand tensile forces greater than 800 kg.

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