PVC Rungs Manufacturers & Suppliers:

Deesawala Rubber Industries manufacturers and supplies PVC encapsulated rungs - Capital PVC foot steps specially designed for overhead water tanks, sewage manholes, water wells, water and sewage plants, and sewage manholes. Instead of steel and cast iron, the material PVC is used in manufacturing rungs.

We manufacture customized PVC encapsulated rungs with superior quality. And, to ensure work men safety, our PVC Rungs provides firm grip while climbing the rungs.

Specification & Material used

  • PVC Encapsulated Rungs are made as per IS standards.
  • PVC Rungs standard size is 263 x 164. Products are manufactured as per the customer's requirements.
  • MS rod size of PVC Rungs: 8mm, 10mm & 12mm.
  • PVC Encapsulated Rungs are made with PVC Material.
  • Available in Orange & Black colour.
  • Standard size 263 x 164.

PVC FOOT STEPS - Technical Specs & Sizes

S No Length Breath Thickness Steel Reinforcement Steel STD PP Material
1 263 164 25*23 8 mm TMT As per IS 1786 Colour black
2 263 164 25*23 10mm TMT As per IS 1786 Colour black
3 263 164 25*23 12 mm TMT As per IS 1786 Colour black
4 263 164 25*23 10 mm TMT As per IS 1786 Colour orange
5 263 164 25*23 12 mm TMT As per IS 1786 Colour orange
6 375 165 25*25 10 mm TMT As per IS 1786 Colour black

PVC Rungs Manufacturers

Since 1995, Deeswala Rubber Industries is engaged in manufacturing and supplying various rubber-related products. We manufacture uniquely designed Rubber Speed Breakers, PVC Rungs, Rubber Rings, Rubber Gaskets, and much more.

We feel proud of ourselves for being the leading manufacturer and supplier of rubber products that are widely used for various industry usage. We import our high-quality products that are made with industry standards across the nation. We at Deeswala Rubber Industries, manufacture products with the best materials that are bought from the certified vendors of the market.

PVC Rungs Installation

Materials required for installation -

  • Nylon hammer.
  • Marker pen and meter.
  • Any manhole step along with our Eco Pate or Pate Sugar range.
  • Graduated rule of the bubble level.
  • Drill bit for concrete or corrugated steel of 25 mm diameter.
  • Drill

Step 1

Based on the bubble level rule, we mark the ends where the rungs are to be installed. The distance will vary depending on the model.

Step 2

Repeat step 1 for each step. It is recommended to maintain a distance of 2350mm in between each step.

Step 3

Drill the concrete based on the markings. We drill 25mm in diameter to a depth of 850mm, making a perfect hole to fit the rungs. Make sure to drill accurately to avoid other consequences.

Step 4

Using the hammer we hit the rungs at the sweet spots until they got inserted correctly.

Step 5

Now the installation process is completed and it is ready to be used. If the installation is done accurately, rungs can withstand tensile forces greater than 800 kg.

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