Strip Seal Expansion Joint

Strip Seal Expansion Joint Manufacturers:

Strip Seal Expansion Joint: is a mechanical device adapted for sealing an elongated gap formed between two adjacent road slab sections by providing a continuous support for vehicles crossing the gap while allowing the desired temperature responsive movement of the road slab sections. A single elastomeric neoprene rubber strip is secured to the adjacent roads sections on either side of the gap through heavy duty edge beams under a specially designed profile.

Strip Seal Expansion Joint system consists of an elastomeric gland mechanically locked between two steel edge members providing a superior watertight sealing system. The rugged design of the Strip Seal Expansion Joint can easily accommodate the high loads of vehicular traffic while effectively sealing expansion joints in bridges and structures with movements up to range up to 80 mm (+/- 40 mm).

Strip Seal Expansion Joints can be manufactured to accommodate a variety of field configurations along with multidirectional movements.

These Expansion Joints has been engineered so that the neoprene seal can be inserted either prior to or after the securing of the steel shapes to the superstructure. Machined Steel shapes maximize seal insatiability and minimize manufacturing tolerance associated with overall Steel shape manufacture.

Functions of Strip Seal Elastomeric Joint:-

  • • Permits the expansion/contraction of the span to which it is fixed without causing any distress or vibration to the    structure
  • • They cause no inconvenience or hazard to the road user and offer good riding comfort
  • • Should be capable of withstanding the traffic loads including dynamic effects
  • • Surface exposed to traffic should be skid free and resistant to polishing
  • • Ensure accessibility for inspections and easy maintenance with all parts vulnerable to wear being easily    replaceable
  • strip seal expansion joint
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