Rubber Dock Bumpers

Rubber Dock Bumpers and Impact Guards Manufactuers:

Deesawala Rubber Industries are leading manufacturers and suppliers of Rubber Rock bumpers, Impact Pads, Marine Rubber Fenders like Cylindrical Fenders, W Fenders, Hollow Bumpers/Fenders, D type Dock Bumpers or Fenders, Square Fenders, Rectangular Fenders, etc.

We also manufacture different styles of dock bumpers, such as

  • Standard Rectangle dock bumpers
  • Molded loading dock bumpers
  • Extra-thick Square loading dock bumpers
  • Extra-length loading D Type dock bumpers

Our Dock Bumpers are manufactured using heavy-duty rubber pads which can hold the pressure up to 1,500 pounds. It can withstand any environmental elements and endures lifelong without any defect.

Protecting Loading Areas with Dock Bumpers

We offer premium Dock Bumpers which can absorb 80% of the impact. Depending on the client’s requirements, we provide different types of Rubber Dock Bumpers. Each Dock Bumper are made with unique benefits that meet the client's expectations.

We, at Deesawala Rubber Industries, are always there to assist you in deciding which dock bumpers would be the best choice for your requirements.

The Benefits of Loading Dock Bumpers

Our Dock Bumpers come with many benefits, which include -

  • Prevents damage caused due to your dock and the offending vehicle.
  • Prevents structural damage.
  • Avoids vehicle damage.
  • Provides dock defence for any future incidents.
Rubber Dock Bumpers and Impact Guards
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Rubber Dock Bumpers and Impact Guards supplier

Frequently Asked Questions

Dock bumpers are used to cushion the impact of trucks repeatedly docking. They protect buildings, dock equipment and trailers. From simple rubber bumpers to long-lasting galvanised mobile bumpers.
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