EVA Rubber Cow Mats

EVA Rubber Cow Mats

DEESAWALA EVA MATS is a cow mat manufacturer and supplier in Hyderabad and supplied across India. We manufacture with the best quality triple-layer EVA sheet by keeping in mind the long-term relationship to our clients and to provide the best possible comfort to cows which results in the increased productivity of milk.

Advantages & Benefits of Cow Mats

Provides Comfort and Protection

The comfort of cows is directly proportional to their productivity and profitability. Their comfort levels will also affect their health and well-being. It is especially important for cows to be comfortably when they are lying down. This is because cows need to lie down for at least twelve hours in order to increase milk production, as a circulation of blood to the udder increases by 30 per cent.
Also, the cow needs to ruminate while lying down. Lying down also allows the hooves to dry off and rest in order to reduce the risk of diseases. However, if the holding pen or barn is not comfortable, the cow will spend a shorter time lying down, and this will affect their overall health and well-being.


Hygiene is very important in cow barns. A humid and dirty barn is a breeding ground for bacteria that can cause infections and diseases. These diseases will affect the well-being as well as the productivity of the cows. However, cow mats are significantly easier to clean.
Most of them have channels that redirect fluids such as cow urine away from the surface. This is beneficial because when urine is allowed to remain on the surface, it evaporates and its fumes can cause respiratory issues in the cows.

Slip Resistant Surface

These mats are usually very strong and tough, because most of them are made from EVA rubber. Therefore, they are heat resistant and moisture resistant. They are also able to remain tough even when the temperatures change. They can handle the heavy weight of dairy cattle for years, and they can handle a lot of foot traffic. They are a worthy investment because they will serve the cows for a very long time.

Increases Milk Yield and Productivity

Comfortable cow mats have a direct impact on the productivity of cows. Cows that sleep on these mats are usually very well-rested. They therefore, produce more milk. When they lie down on comfortable mats, the blood circulation to their udder will increase, and this will improve the quality of the milk that the produce. Comfortable mats can also improve the pregnancy productivity of dairy cows. Therefore, the farmer can expect higher profits if they get these mats for their cows.

Light Weight/Easy to Handle

EVA Cow mats Makes Handling and Cleaning of Mats very easy compared to rubber cow mats as they are comparatively heavier.

EVA Cow Mats
EVA Rubber Cow Mats
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