Synko Flex Waterstop

Synko flex Hydrofillic Water Bar :

SYNKO FLEX Swellable Water Bar is an engineered solution to a typical construction problem: How to make construction joints completely watertight. Due to shrinkage of the drying concrete, small cracks and voids appear in Construction and Cold joints through which water can penetrate, the rubber nature of the specially designed SYNKO FLEX water stop fills all such voids and prevents water leakages permanently.

Usage and application of Synko flex Water Bar

Synko flex is designed to provide a watertight seal of cold joints in a wide range of concrete structures including: residential and commercial basements, secondary containment structures, highway tunnels, concrete lined storm drainage and irrigation channels, pedestrian tunnels and below-grade walkways, swimming pools and water features, below-grade parking garages, waste-water treatment plants, fish hatcheries and aquariums, potable water reservoirs, and water theme parks.

Synko-flex may also be used to seal around concrete, steel, pvc, or hdpe pipe penetrations through concrete walls or floor slabs. Synko-flex is also ideal for use as a joint sealant on precast structures such as box culverts, septic tanks and utility vaults.

Synko flex is a unique waterstop, which is also used for situations where hydrocarbons such as petrols, diesels, oils and alcohols are present. Synko flex swellable bar also bonds with existing concrete and fuses to fresh concrete during the curing process.

Advantages of Synko flex Water Stop Seal

  • Easy to install
  • Eliminates split forming, wiring to rebar, heat welding of splices
  • Unaffected by rain or wet conditions during installation
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Bonds to concrete surface
  • Seals joints permanently
  • Unaffected by rain etc
  • Safe for use in potable water structures

Sizes available

20mm x 5mm

20mm x 10mm

20mm x 20mm

20mm x 25mm

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