GRSP Rail Rubber Pad

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GRSP Rail Rubber Pad

Deesawala Rubber Industries is one of the few approved suppliers of grooved rubber pads (GRSP Rail rubber Pad ) to the Indian Railways and to other railway projects across the country. Our products are also exported extensively outside India.

The combination of grooved design and selected rubbers gives these pads their unique high resilience, robustness and anti-weathering properties.

Their superiority to those manufactured from other materials has been amply proven by their ability to reduce dynamic forces by up to 65% - a crucial consideration as railway systems worldwide adopt higher speed and greater axle loads.

The grooved rail pads positioned between the underside of the rail and top of the sleeper provide effective impact attenuation and extended life.

Railway Track Rubber Pads Functionality

The primary function of rubber rail pad is to act as a vibration damping isolator between rail track and cast surface of concrete sleeper. Vibrations are non-desirable in engineering domains and methods have been adopted to efficiently eliminate the same. Rubber rail pad plays a vital role in eliminating the vibrations, impact load occurring from heavy weighted railway wagons and provides safety and self-life to the rail track and sleepers.

The railway pad is formulized with specific recipe, to cater the requirements. The compounding is optimized by a combination of polymers having higher oil resistant property and resistance to fatigue crack growth. The excellent combination of elastomers preferred in this formulation provides resistance to ozone, weather, heat, flame and higher axle load.

The grooved rail pads positioned between the underside of the rail and top of the sleeper provide effective impact attenuation and extended life.

Grooved Rubber Rail pad Product Specification

Grooved Rubber Pad comes in a wide range of sizes and specifications for use in channel sleepers on bridges, rail expansion joints, etc. Having excellent electrical and creep resistance, these can also be used in turnouts, and in running railway tracks as well. With our range of Grooved Rubber Pad, today, we have been catering to needs of the Indian railways and even clients from various overseas markets. When placed in wooden sleepers and rails in the railway tracks, these pads can lengthen service lives of rails and rail fastening by dampening various shocks and impacts.

Product Specification

Drg No T-3711, T-3703, T-4614, etc.
Standard RDSO
Shape rectangular
Application Industrial
Hardness 75~85 shores A
Material Rubber
Minimum Order Quantity 2500 Piece

Types of Rail Pads

  • • Grooved Rubber Sole Plates – GRSP 6.2 mm and 10 mm thick
  • • Composite Grooved Rubber Sole Plates – CGRSP 6mm and 10 mm thick
  • • Elastomeric Pads for Railways
  • • Bridges
  • • Rail Pads and Intermediate Pads
  • • EPDM and EVA Pads
  • • Studded Pads
  • Grooved rubber sole plate
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