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Deesawala Rubber Industries is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Neoprene Elastomeric Bearing Pads. As an ISO 9001-2015 certified company, we take pride in being recognized as a prominent manufacturer in the market for Strip Seal Joints, Pot PTFE bearings, Compression Seal Joints, Modular Joints, and Building Joints.

Deesawala Rubber Industries has a well-equipped Material Testing Laboratory for testing the quality of raw materials and finalized products. We ensure the quality standards meet the Industry’s specifications/IRC CODES. And, for manufacturing products, we employ top-notch plant and machinery. Our personnel, who are well-experienced engineers and technicians, work with dedication to meet the specific requirements of our clients.

Elastomeric Bridge Bearing Pad Manufacturers & Suppliers:

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of Bridge Bearing Pads, and Deesawala Rubber Industries, we always strive to deliver the best products across the industry. Our Neoprene Elastomeric Bearing Pads are designed for easy bridge installation and require zero maintenance compared to other bearings available. We adhere to international norms and standards in the manufacturing process. Plus, the premium quality of materials we use to manufacture our pads makes us a trusted manufacturer of Elastomeric Bearing Pads in the market. Additionally, our products are available at the best price in the market

Elastomeric Bridge Bearing Pads Product Features:

  • Cost Effective
  • Energy Efficient
  • Effective Performance
  • Durable
  • Superb Quality

Business type of Elastomeric Bridge Bearing Pads Suppliers: Manufacturer/ Supplier.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Elastomeric bearing pads compress on vertical load and accommodate horizontal rotation and provide lateral shear movement. Elastomeric bearing pads are the most economical solution used in construction of large span bridges and buildings.
Laminated elastomeric bearings support simultaneous loads and deformation in any direction. Steel plates are bonded to the rubber through a vulcanization process and have the main scope to increase the resistance of the bearings to vertical loads.
Installation of bearing. Place bearing on top of applied epoxy resin. Care should be taken, to see that, the bearing is placed according to movements specified in main drawings.
For elastomeric bearing to function as a soft spring, the bearing should be allowed for bulging laterally and the compression stiffness can be increased by limiting the amount of lateral bulging. To increase the compression stiffness of elastomeric bearings, metal plates are inserted.
A bridge bearing carries the loads or movement in both vertical and horizontal directions from the bridge superstructure and transfers those loads to the bridge piers and abutments. The loads can be live load and dead load in vertical directions, or wind load, earthquake load, etc., in horizontal directions.
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