Deesawala Rubber Industries stands as one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of premium quality PTFE & Teflon Cladded Dam Gate Rubber Seals. Our Dam Gate Rubber Seals are highly regarded for their fine quality. Dams and barrages are constructed to store or redirect water for irrigation or generation of electric power. In concrete dams, tunnels, spillways, and other water structures, hydraulic gates help manage the water flow. We use seals on either side of the gate or the metal frame in the gate slot to stop water from flowing past a closed gate. Rubber is a popular choice which is used material for seals, as it is elastic, deforms readily and goes back to its original shape on removal of load.

Dam Gate Rubber Seals

Dam Gate Rubber Seals manufactured for below gates :

  • 1. Radial Gates
  • 2. Stop Log Gates
  • 3. Spill Way Gates
  • 4. Under Sluice Gates
  • 5. Automatic Tilting Gates
  • 6. Swing Gates
  • 7. Draft Tube Gates
  • 8. Desilting Service Gates
  • 9. Bulk Head Gates
  • 10. HR Gates
  • 11. Vertical Lift Gates
L Shape Dam gate Rubber Seals

Dam Gate Rubber Seal Technical Specifications:

Physical characteristics shall meet the following:

Tensile strength 3000 psi (min.) Die C ASTM D412
Elongation at Rupture 450% (min.) ASTM D412
300% Modulus 900 psi (min.) ASTM D412
Durometer Hardness, Shore Type A 60 to 70 ASTM D2240
Water Absorption 70 Hrs. 10% change in @ volume (max.) 212°F ASTM D47
Compression Set Hrs. @ 158°F 30% (max.) ASTM D395 Method B 22
Tensile Strength After 80% (min.) ASTM D572
Tensile Strength After Oxygen Bombaging of tensile strength 80% (min.) ASTM D572
Low Temperature Brittleness Non-brittle after 3’ @ -40°C> ASTM D2137, Method A, 9.3.2
steam dam gate rubber seals
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