Tyton Gasket Manufacturers & Suppliers

Deesawala rubber industries is one of the leading Tyton gaskets manufacturers and suppliers in India. We provide customized and high-quality Tyton gaskets, which are extremely strong, flexible and sturdy gaskets used for DI Pipes & Fittings.

Tyton Gasket Features:

  • WRAS and BSEN - 681 Approved PUSH-ON Tyton Gaskets for C.I & D.I. Pipes.
  • WRAS approved rubber gaskets are Extremely strong and efficient flexible joint.
  • Tyton Gaskets are suitable for ‘under ground’ or ‘above ground’ applications.
  • Tyton Gaskets are manufactured from EPDM rubber providing improved performance over traditional natural rubber.
  • High resistance to water, ozone, heat, sewerage, chloramines, UV, and abrasion.
  • Joints can be deflected and permit axial movement to compensate for thermal expansion and contraction.
    Size Range: DN80 – DN1200.
    Relevant Standard: IS:5382,ISO 4633, EN 681, AS 681

Tyton Gasket

Efficient, flexible, and Reliable! Tyton gaskets are utilized throughout the ductile iron pipe industry. Made of EPDM rubber, the Tyton gaskets will acts as a permanent watertight seal in the pipes within the finished joint.

Deesawala Tyton gaskets maintains the international standards which is supplied in various elastomers for a clients specific service application.


  • Tyton gaskets designed for electrical resistance, water resistance or electrical conductivity.
  • Eliminates concrete thrust blocks.
  • EPDM Tyton gaskets are most suitable for water, drainage and sewerage pipelines and applications.
  • Our gaskets have high price performance ratio.
  • Materials fully WRAS approved and standardized pipe seal in BSEN -681.
  • Provides an allowable operating pressure (AOP) of 1.6MPa.
    Size Range: DN80 – DN1200.
Tyton Gasket manufacturers

Customization of Tyton Rubber Gaskets

With over 20 years of experience in manufacturing Tyton gaskets, today our gaskets are selected by top Ductile Iron pipe manufacturers all over India.

Our Gaskets are specially customized for the below given DI pipe manufacturers.

  • Electrosteel Ductile iron ( DI pipes)
  • Electrotherm Ductile iron ( DI Pipes )
  • Jindal SAW Ductile Iron ( DI Pipes )
  • TATA Metalilks Ductile Iron ( DI Pipes)
  • Welspun Ductile Iron ( DI Pipes )
  • Srikalahasthi Ductile Iron ( DI Pipes )
  • Jai Balaji Ductile Iron ( DI Pipes )
  • Rashmi Metaliks Ductile Iron ( DI Pipes )
  • Vedanta Ductile Iron ( V Duct DI Pipes )
  • Kejriwal Castings Limited Ductile Iron ( DI Pipes )

Fitment Process of Rubber Gaskets for DI Pipes

  • Ensure the surface area of DI pipe must be free from materials like mud, sand, pebbles and frozen materials.
  • According to the recommended adhesive, Tyton gaskets should come into contact with the pipe.
  • The adhesive should be applied on outside at the end of pipe and alignment of pipes into socket allowing it to contact with DI gasket.
  • One should fit the gaskets only when the surface is clean.
  • Use a thin coat of adhesive on EPDM gasket and plain end of the pipe
  • Place the plain end pipe above the ground
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