Vardhman Electrical Insulation Mats IS 15652


Deesawala Rubber Industries is popularly known for our Vardhman Electrical Insulation Mats. These electrical insulation rubber mats are specially designed to prevent electric shocks and high-voltage currents. These mats are used in front of switchboards and high-voltage equipment. We offer a wide range of insulating mats for different uses.

 Workers involved in electricity generation, transmission, distribution, or its use ensure safety from shocks and high voltage. Our mats meet the IS 15652:2006 standards, ensuring durability. They're easy to install, need little maintenance, and resist oils, acids, alkalis, and low temperatures. The colors used in making the mats follow IS 15652:2006 guidelines.

 As a leading Rubber Mat dealer and manufacturer, we provide customized Electrical Insulation Rubber Mats based on our clients' requirements. Before we deliver our products, our team test our mats in-house using modern facilities. We make these mats on two surfaces - Lining and chequered - following the IS 5424:1969 standard. Even though the new IS standard (IS 15652) is preferred, we still produce mats based on IS 5424:1969 if the customer prefers it

Thickness Voltage System
2.0 mm Up to 3.3 kV
2.5 mm Up to 11 kV
3.0 mm Up to 33 kV
Thickness Voltage System
6,8 & 10 mm Up to 11 kV
12, 15 & 20 mm Up to 22 kV
25 mm Up to 33 kV

Technical Specification for Electrical Rubber Mats

1 High electrical insulation resistance 10,00,000 mcga ohm when measured with 500 V meggar 1 Poor Electrical Insulation Resistance
2 100% shock proof under leakage current 10 mA 2 Unsafe in case of leakage of current. Tested from small electrodes as per IS:2584-1963 the value of the leakage current is 160 mA per sq. mtr.
3 Fire Retardant 3 Highly fire prone & fire encouraging.

No effect of :

Transformer oil





Adversely effected by : 

Transformer oil




5 High dielectric strength of 45Kv for 1 minute for 2.5 mm thick mat 5 The withstand voltage is 15Kv for one minute
6 High breakdown voltage 45 Kv for 2.5 mm Mat 6 B.D. voltage 40 Kv
7 Moisture proof 7 Absorbs moisture
8 Past able type permanent fixed smooth trolley movement 8 Cannot be fixed permanently
9 Washable – Easy to clean 9 Not possible to clean
10 High tensile & elongation properties to withstand good mechanical properties 10 No such properties as mat has to be removed for movement of trolleys
Safo ISI Electrical Insulating Rubber Mats Vardhman ISI Electrical Insulation Mats Electrical Insulating Mats Electrical Insulating Rubber Mats
Electrical Insulating Mat Vardhman Electrical Insulation Mats

Application of Electrical Insulation Mats

We must take proper workplace safety and security measures to reduce accidents. Electrical Insulation Mats are the best safety tool that protects workers from the danger of high-voltage electricity, reducing accidents. Our Electrical Insulation Mats not only keep workers safe but also increase the company’s productivity

Electrical Insulation Mats used for the application of -

  • Panel Board
  • AC Plant Rooms
  • Power Transformer Rooms
  • LT & HT Labs
  • Generator Rooms
  • All kinds of Electrical Substations
  • Lift Machine Rooms
  • Electrical Panels
  • X-Ray Plant Rooms
  • Around Bus Bars

Thickness and Voltage Capacity of Electrical Insulation Mats

Sl. No. Class of Mat Thickness(mm) Tolerance(%) ac (rms) kV dc (rms) V
1 A 2.00 ± 10 3.3 240
2 B 2.50 ± 10 11 240
3 C 3.00 ± 10 33 240
4 D 3.50 ± 10 66 240

Sl. No. Class of Mat Thickness(mm) Di-electric Strength ac (rms) kV Proof Voltage ac (rms) kV
1 A 2.00 30 10
2 B 2.50 45 22
3 C 3.00 65 36
4 D 3.50 110 70

Insulation Mat For Electrical Purpose

Workers need protection from electric shock when dealing with electricity in jobs like generating, transmitting, or using it. Our insulation mats are the best for keeping the workers safe. Our insulation mats are the best for keeping them safe. They follow the IS: 5424/84 standards, making them non-slippery, fire-resistant, and effective in removing moisture and grit. These mats are also designed to reduce noise in places with high-voltage power transmission, like rooms and sub-stations.

Size & thickness

  • 1mtr x 10mtr x 2mm ( 3.3 KV) Class A
  • 1mtr x 10mtr x 2.5mm ( 11 KV ) Class B
  • 1mtr x 10mtr x 3mm ( 33 KV ) Class C

Properties of Electrical Shock Proof Rubber Mats

Sl. No. Technical Specification All Classes
1 Composition and Surface Rubber elastomer*, Anti Skid Finish. Macromolecular material which returns rapidly to its final dimension by a weak stress and release of the stress.
2 Workmanship Mats shall be free from Harmful physical irregularities
3 Mechanical Puncture Resistance Min. 70N
4 Slip Resistance Test @ force of 70N Maximum 15mm
5 Ageing Test at 70 deg cl./168hrs. Puncture Resistance shall be min. 80% of original value.
6 Flame Retardant Test Flame shall not reach any point on a 50mm circle.
7 Thermal Test (Low Temp. Test) No Crack@100N.
No-Breakdown on specified voltage.
8 Acid Test; H2SO4 For 8hrs. Minimum Retention in Mech. Puncture Test initial value. Min. 75% Retention & No Breakdown on specified Voltage.
9 Oil Test; oil for 2hrs.
Minimum Retention in Mech. Puncture test initial value.
Min. 75% Retention & No Breakdown on specified Voltage.
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