Duraboard HD 100

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Deesa Duraboard HD 100 is a Cross-linked Closed-cell Polymer popularly recognised as a compressible Expansion Joint Filler Board. Its flexibility and high compression recovery make it ideal for applications requiring readily compressible, low-load solutions. This filler board is non-tainting, making it suitable for use in structures that retain or exclude potable water, and it contains no bitumen.

Branded as the most compressible filler board for expansion joints, 'Deesa HD100' is a high-performance, cross-linked, pre-moulded, compressible joint filler board. It is a readily compressible filler board that ensures low load transfer. ‘Deesa HD100’ (expansion joint filler board) is a non-bituminous superior alternative to bitumen boards.

Duraboard HD 100 - Advantages

  • Virtually no water/moisture absorption
  • Durable and resilient
  • Outstanding chemical resistance
  • Thermal stability (-40°C to +70°C)
  • Non-staining, non-impregnated, non-bleeding
  • Environmentally friendly
  • User-friendly – easily cut with a knife for simple installation
  • Rot-proof and resistant to bacteria – no need for external treatment before installation

Duraboard HD 100- Description

Dura board® HD insulation stands out as a high-density board, offering the same high dimensional and surface uniformity level as Duraboard LD insulation. However, it goes a step forward by providing increased compressive strength and a higher modulus of rupture. This increased density is achieved through the inclusion of clay additives during the manufacturing process.

Its higher strength makes Duraboard HD insulation well-suited for applications requiring weight load support, such as backing refractory bricks or covering larger unsupported spans

No Weather Effect:

Polyolefin Expansion Joint Filler remains resilient and distortion-free under low load transfer from wet concrete. Its performance remains unaffected by rain, cold, or heat, making it more versatile than traditional filler sheets

Duraboard HD 100


Demonstrates 95% recovery after deflection (compression), one of the best features desired for any performed closed-cell filler

Great Chemical Resistance

It doesn't get affected by acids or oils, making it perfect for specific applications


Easy to handle and install, unlike the bituminous filler boards. Minimal handling loss and unaffected by mishandling. Preformed closed-cell filler can be cut into any shape using a regular knife, eliminating the need for special tools or expertise

Duraboard HD 100 Suppliers


They are proven to be rot-proof and bacteria-resistant, eliminating the need for treatments to block microorganisms


Our polymer-based joint filler sheets accept a nominal temperature cycle with minimal load transfer. Hence, it doesn't affect the structure


  • Water retaining and water-excluding structures.
  • Structural expansion joints in concrete brick and block work.
  • Expansion joints in concrete highways, airport runways, taxi tracks, etc.
  • Isolation joints to infill panels.
  • Bridge decks, abutments, pier hinge joints, etc.
  • Expansion joints in parking areas, industrial flooring, etc.

Duraboard HD 100Manufacturer

Closed cell structure

Deesa HD100 sheets boast a deficient water absorption (<0.05%) due to their closed-cell structure, ensuring durability and excellent compression recovery

Bitumen free

No bitumen is used; hence, it is a non-staining product, resulting in trouble-free for the labour force.

Property/Benefits Deesa HD100 Dura Board Bitumen Impregnated Filler Board
Manufactured from Special grade of Polymers Bitumen + Composites + some additives
Product Handling loss NIL Considerable, if not careful
Structure and implications Closed Cell Structure and that will not allow water absorption Not Closed cell structure and that results in very high water absorption
Life Too long Too short
UV stability Yes Not sure
Resistance to Bacterial /Fungal growth Yes No or not sure
Weight Very light Comparatively heavier
Cost to customers In terms of overall cost, very much economical  More due to shorter life. Life is shorter due to Water absorption, non-UV stability, somewhat brittle type nature. 
Product sizes Deesa HD100 boards are available in different sizes to customers to select from: 1200x1800mm, 1500x1600mm, 1000x2000mm & more Traditionally bitumen impregnated board is produced only in one size normally - 1200mm x 1200mm
Stains during applying Never Yes, may be.
Cutting & Installing Deesa HD100 is very easy to install Difficult
Compression recovery > 95% normally. 70% or less
 Overall rating  Excellent product with latest approach in enhancing its properties to meet civil engineering’s requirements. Bituminous joint filler is considered as conventional product and need to rethink to use it for its some drawbacks.


Our Deesa HD100 – expansion joint filler board has proven performance and follows DOT Specifications Part-III, highway Clause 1015 (American), which is evident from the following comparison chart of parameters

Sr No. Parameters Passing Value as per clause 1015 Deesa HD100
1 Compression recovery Minimum 70% 95%
2 Weathering test No sign of disintegration or shrinkage No sign of disintegration or shrinkage
3 Compression extrusion Free edge does not exceed 6mm 3.5mm

Technical Details of Deesa HD 100 Dura Board

Density 100 kg/m3 ± 10%
Water absorption 0.080 kg/m2 max
Compression deflection and recovery without weathering Min 94%
Compression deflection and recovery with weathering Min 92%
Extrusion 3mm max
Alkali resistance No effect observed
Weather test No disintegration
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