RCC Pipe Rubber Rings

RCC Pipe Rubber Rings Manufacturers

Deesawala Rubber Industries is a prominent manufacturer and supplier of a comprehensive range of RCC Pipe Rubber Rings for RCC Horizontal and Vertical cast pipes NP2, Np3, Np4. Our range of Concrete pipe gaskets are manufactured in accordance with international standards which caters to the needs of various areas such as water supply, irrigation, drainage, power generation and rail transport. Our RCC Piepe rubber rings are used for providing excellent sealing and for leakage prevention. The Rcc Pipe rubber rings manufactured are IS:5382 , WRAS, EN 681, AS 681 approved which ranges from 100 mm upto 2600 mm. The Rcc Pipe rubber rings are suitable for RCC pipes as perIS:458.

RCC Pipe Rubber Rings

Jacking Pipe Rings

Deesawala produces a wide range of seals for concrete pipe gasket systems covering several cross-sections and profiles including the basic ‘O-ring’, "TOK" and "G" rings for pipe sizes upto 3500mm. Our concrete pipe seals are capable of withstanding strenuous conditions of the pipe jacking process. These can be used in both, pressurized and non-pressurized applications.

These types of Concrete pipe gaskets are made from EPDM compounds mostly and required tolerances are as per BS EN 681 -1 standard. We are most widely acclaimed as an Angular Rib Gasket Manufacturer because of its high grade quality we offer. Seals for micro tunnel & jacking pipes are also made at Deesawala Rubber Industries.

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