DWC Pipe Rubber Gaskets

DWC Pipe Rubber Gaskets MANUFATURERS:

The HDPE DWC ( Double Wall Corrugated Pipes ) EPDM Rubber Gaskets that we offer have made us an important manufacturer, exporter and supplier based in Hyderabad. These rubber gaskets for double wall corrugated HDPE pipes are offered in specifications ranging from 90mm to 1000mm. We ensure that all orders are delivered within a stipulated time and in good condition.

DEESAWALA produces the best quality corrugated rubber ring in India. They are available in a wide variety of sizes. The Corrugated Rubber Ring (DWC) is backed by trusted and loyal customers. These are also cost effective. So, be sure for getting the standard high-quality product for the best price in the market.

DWC Pipe Gasket

DWC Pipe Rubber Gaskets jointing Pipes Procedure :

  • 1. Jointing procedure for pipes with integral socket.
  • 2. Take two pipes with integral sockets and one EPDM sealing ring. Ensure that the pipe socket is free from any damage.
  • 3. Fit EPDM rubber seal into the first corrugation of the plain ended pipe, making sure that the seal is correctly placed.
  • 4. Ensure the seal is not twisted.
  • 5. Align the socket end of pipe with non socket end of the other pipe.
  • 6. Clean and remove dirt/dust/ater etc. from the pipe ends and sockets.
  • 7. Mount the fixture on plain end of pipe and on socketed end of other pipe for Joining. Fixture should be duly placed in the grooves for better holding.
  • 8. Apply rubber lubricant on the EPDM rubber ring and the inner surface of socket.
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