SAFO™ Electrical Insulating Rubber Mats are especially designed to be used in front of switchboards and high voltage equipment. These long life mats are designed to protect operators from electrical shocks thus acting as personal protection equipment. We offer a range of insulating mats for almost any application.
Safety from electrical shock is required for workmen whether they are involved in electricity generation, transmission, distribution or its use. SAFO Safety Mats are highly recommended for total safety of workmen from electrical shock when working in or around environment like High Voltage Panels, Sub-station, Power Transformer Rooms, LT & HT Labs, Near Bus bars, Near Control Panels, Anti-Skid / Flooring etc.

safo isi

These long lasting, easy to install, clean and maintain mats are resistant to oils, acids, alkalis and low temperature and are flame retardant as per the provisions of IS 15652:2006. The coloring agents used are free from any metallic derivatives as specified in IS 15652:2006. These mats are tested in our in-house most modern and updated Quality Assurance facilities ensuring complete safety and adherence to the specifications of each roll and are ready to use. Breakdown voltage is 40 kV for 1 Min.
Standard size of 1 Mtr x 2 Mtr or 10Mtr Long Roll. Custom sizes can be manufactured on request.

safo isi
Thickness Voltage System
2.0 mm Up to 3.3 kV
2.5 mm Up to 11 kV
3.0 mm Up to 33 kV

Confirming to the IS 5424 of 1969 we manufacture these insulating mats
in 2 kinds of surfaces – Lining and Chequered. Manufactured in various
thicknesses (6 mm to 25 mm) for different voltage systems. Although the
new IS standard (IS 15652) is the preferred choice, we still manufacture
these sheets confirming to IS 5424 of 1969 as preferred by some

Thickness Voltage System
6, 8 & 10 mm Up to 11 kV
12, 15 & 20 mm Up to 22 kV
25 mm Up to 33 kV