DEESA TYTON gaskets are suitable for use in TYTON JOINT DI (Ductile iron) pipeline, fittings and valves. They provide an extremely reliable flexible joint and feature:
• WRAS and BSEN - 681 Approved PUSH-ON Tyton Gaskets for C.I & D.I. Pipes
• Extremely strong and efficient flexible joint
• Suitable for ‘in ground’ or ‘above ground’ applications
• Manufactured from EPDM rubber providing improved performance over traditional natural rubber
• High resistance to water, ozone, heat, sewerage, chloramines, UV, and abrasion
• Joints can be deflected and permit axial movement to compensate for thermal expansion and contraction
Size Range: DN80 – DN1000
Relevant Standard: IS:5382

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TYTON is a revolutionary restrained joint system that can eliminate thrust block, delivering savings in time and materials. DEESA TYTON is the key to fast track design and construction of ductile iron pipeline systems. TYTON offers some unique advantages, it utilizes standard DI (Ductile iron) pipes and fittings, allows you to construct in RRJ fashion, yet have all joints fully restrained, eliminates concrete thrust blocks, accelerates commissioning (no need to wait for concrete curing), streamlines materials sourcing and administration, is ideal for use in weak soils where concrete blocks just won’t work, offers 3 to 5 degrees joint deflection, provides maximum security for strategic mains (fully locked joints), provides an allowable operating pressure (AOP) of 1.6MPa, a maximum allowable operating pressure (MAOP) of 1.92MPa and an allowable site test pressure (ASTP) of 2.0MPa.
Size Range: DN80 – DN1000